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Professional Experience is crucial to the education of preservice teachers as it enables the development of essential links between theory and practice. While the professional teaching standards remain an important framework for both formative and summative assessment, the diverse and variable nature of practice settings, as well as the subjective nature of professional judgment involved, means that consistent and equitable assessment can be a considerable challenge for many teachers and teacher educators.

This project aimed to gain a big picture view of the way preservice teachers are currently being assessed during their professional experience. We analysed how both teacher education institutions as well as practitioners in Australia go about organising and assessing preservice teacher professional experience. We identified significant themes and trends and identified key findings and recommendations. We then used these insights to develop an online website designed to assist teachers and teacher educators in matching professional experience strategies to the challenges identified.

These assessment 'tools' have been designed to assist teachers and teacher educators in reaching rich, equitable, and evidence informed assessment judgments together.