How to use this site

In order to make solving your assessment problem simpler we have developed a number of different pathways for accessing specific assessment tools. The pathway you choose will depend on the problem you are trying to address. Please read on.

Navigating your way through the website

This website provides lots of information about the Project now known as Project Assessment.

At the top of the home page you will see a number of tabs. If you click on the About tab you will find out relevant information about the project design, key findings, recommendations and team members.

If you click on the Resources tab you will be directed to a summary of all the key challenges and strategies. You can search for key readings (many that are hperlinked) and there is a link to information about our sister site - Project Evidence.

The three coloured tabs on the home page provide different ways in to the toolbox. The Green Toolbox tab provides an overview of all the toolbox information. This is the quickest way to find an assessment tool. Simply hover (the green will turn to pink) and click on the intersection between an assessment challenge and an assessment strategy you are interested in.

Each tool has expandable sections. Click on the Resources section for interactive activities you can complete with colleagues.

Back on the Homepage - The Orange Challenge tab lists all the challenges and you can explore the issues associated with each challenge and discover a list of the different strategies designed to address the challenge.

The Blue Strategies tab likewise lists all the strategies and you can learn more about each one and the challenges the address.

 Lastly the website is designed to be interactive and so we have added a Share your Experience tab. Here you can contribute to the website by further adding resources, ideas, strategies and challenges.